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A Walk In The Woods

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I come across you during a walk in the woods, leaning against a tree with a short pink camisole, fishnet thigh highs and heels. You don’t see me yet but I feel my loins stir and know that I must have you.

I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you, running my hands up and down your body, feeling the silky camisole against your skin. I cup your breasts and squeeze, feeling the heavy weight I love so much. You turn your head and give me a slow sensual kiss with just enough tongue to tease my mouth. A slow groan escapes my throat and I lean my hardening bulge against your ass. You slightly arch your back and lean into me, increasing the fervor of your kiss.

My hand moves down your back and under the camisole and over your smooth round ass. My fingers work their way into the soft folds of your pussy lips. I move slightly beside you with my right hand exploring your ever moistening pussy, and my left hand kneading your bulging breasts. You look at me with wanton desire, mewing and whimpering as my finger circles your clitoris with gentle attention.

You have your feet about shoulder width apart and you take a small step to spread your legs open wider. I move in front of you and kiss you hungrily for several minutes, grinding my hard cock against you. Your hips respond with pressure as another long slow kurtköy escort groan escapes your lips.

I move down and grab each breast hard and squeeze, taking each nipple in my mouth through the material. I gently bite and worship each nipple and breast before kneeling lower before you. I kiss and caress your smooth round belly before lifting up the front of the camisole and move my head under.

I reach down and put a hand around each ankle and slowly caress up, loving the feel of the thigh highs, which makes my throbbing member ache even more. I lean in and gently breath in your sweet musk and slowly lick the outside of your pussy lips. I work my tongue up and down your pussy, stopping at the top to work your clitoris with the hardened tip of my tongue. Your legs begin to tremble and I hear your breathing pick up and your low steady moaning continues.

You hunch your hips forward to force more of your hot cunt into my face. I respond by holding the back of each thigh and pulling you in as my tongue and lips continue to assault your now dripping wet pussy. I push my tongue deep into your pussy and lick upward landing on your clitoris where I begin a steady flick of my tongue as I feel your hips involuntarily begin to rotate and grind into my face. I growl with excitement and continue tuzla escort flicking your clit faster and with two fingers reach up into your sweet hot cunt. You cry out as my fingers massage the ridges of your walls and curve up and dance on your g-spot. I begin to fuck in and out with my fingers, still flicking your clit. Your hips buck and legs tremble and you grab the tree for support.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Fuck me baby!!”, you cry out and I realize you’re ready for my fingers to be replaced with something hot, hard, and long. I stand up and take my pants off while my erection springs out of my pants. You kneel down and swiftly take me into your mouth, running your tongue around my shaft and tickling the tip of my engorged cock. I am so turned on that I grab your head and fuck your mouth with a few fevered thrusts before pulling out and standing you up.

I turn you around to face the tree and move behind you. I lift up the camisole and see your sweet round white ass followed by the black thigh highs and I’m overcome with lust for you. I nustle my turgid cock in your ass and reach around and aggressively pinch and grab your breasts, kneading them hard. You press your ass against me and tell me, “I want that hard cock inside me now!” and you spread your legs and lean forward, offering tuzla escort your beautiful backside to me.

You arch your back as I slip my heavy cock into your wanton dripping pussy. You look back and tell me, “Yes! fuck me deep with that thick throbbing cock!” You moan as I slowly press my hardened cock deep into your ravenous cunt and hold it briefly before grabbing your hips. I begin to fuck in and out of you deeply and with increasing tempo. You’re moaning loudly while repeating, “yes, yes, yes” and press back into me, your dripping pussy taking in all of my hot dick. My passion increases and I begin a fast assault on your pussy, slamming in and out with fervor. You go up on your toes and steady yourself against the tree as your body jerks and jolts with each pounding thrust.

I hear you saying, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and you start to convulse on my cock as I grab your hips harder and pull you into me as I hunch my hips to force my dick deeper into your quivering pussy. My orgasm begins and my balls pull up as my dick hardens more. You feel this and squeeze your pussy around my cock and lean back harder into me. I thrust a few more times as you cry out in the throes of your orgasm, and I force myself into you hard, my cock buried deep, by stomach pressed against your ass and I scream as my cock convulses and spews hot cum into your ravaged cunt.

We thrust madly against each other as our orgasms overtake our bodies. We gradually slow down and I wrap my arms around you and hug you hard as my softening cock slips from you. “Nice outfit!”, I tell you….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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