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Business Trip with Joel

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Revised version copyright 2007 by the author.


When I went on that business trip to Houston with Joel Rogers, the gay guy from my company, I never thought I’d end up having my first taste of man-to-man sex.

After all, I was a happily married man–still am. It was a hectic time, though, as my wife and I had just had our first child, a beautiful little girl. What with recovering from childbirth and getting up several times every night (don’t worry, I did too) she was exhausted. Our sex life had dwindled to almost nothing. I tried to be supportive but it was hard. Maybe I’m oversexed, but even jacking off didn’t provide relief–I felt as though I was carrying a lead weight in my crotch. Working out at the gym helped some, but not enough.

I didn’t know Joel well, nor did I want to. When my boss told me that we were going to Houston together to pitch our communications system to a firm headquartered downtown, I protested. My objections fell on deaf ears.

“Look,” Lee, my boss, said, “You and Rogers have been marketing the Telnex system from the start. You’re the top men for the job. Period.”

“Couldn’t we stay in separate rooms at least?”

He raised his eyebrows. “So that’s the problem.” He leaned back in his chair. “Cal, our firm has a non-discrimination policy. You know that.”


“So, we walk the walk. I don’t juggle assignments or book extra hotel rooms to cater to your prejudices.” “Well, he’d better not come on to me. I just might take a swing at him.”

His eyes turned cold. “You’ll do no such thing.” Then he smiled in a way I didn’t like one bit. “Rogers is smart. A guy who’s really going places. You could too, Cal, if you’d open your mind a little.”

I caught his drift. There was nothing more to say.

So I went to the airport with a bad attitude. I’d avoided meeting with Joel in the days leading up to our trip, e-mailing him the stuff for our presentation. He didn’t seem to mind and sent me polite replies thanking me for the info. The moment couldn’t be postponed any longer, though. I didn’t have the nerve to ask for separate seats on the plane, and besides, we had to do at least some planning before we took on the bigwigs at the firm.

Joel was already at the gate. He was slender, shorter than me, with fair skin, reddish hair and blue eyes. I’d always thought of him as a skinny wimp, but up close I saw that his clothes hung on what was actually a tight, toned body. He always looked spiffy and now was no exception. Next to him I felt stale and rumpled.

He shook my hand and smiled, but seemed to know that I wasn’t interested in idle chitchat. It wasn’t until we were in the air and had finished our drinks that he turned to me.

“Ready to work?”

“Uh, sure.” While I was still fumbling in my carry-on for my folders he had his materials all spread out. When we started going over the stuff I was impressed in spite of myself. Joel had added pages of notes to the photocopied presentation materials, stuff that he had researched himself.

“You sure are prepared,” I observed.

“Have to be,” he answered. “These guys are hard cases. They’ll pick up on any fumbling or faking in a flash.”

“I feel like the guy who forgot to study for the test.” I was starting to get nervous.

Joel smiled. “You’ll be fine, Cal. I’ll set you up and at the right moment you’ll take over.”

As luck would have it there was a stack of planes at Houston Intercontinental and our landing was delayed. I drummed my fingers on the arm of my seat. Waiting was torture.

“Looks like we’ll have to head there as soon as we land,” Joel said. “Good thing we prepped on the plane.”

Once we finally touched down we picked up our luggage and found a shuttle into downtown. I wished I’d had a chance to freshen up but there was no help for it. Joel, on the other hand, looked cool and collected, every hair in place.

Houston traffic on a Friday afternoon was as awful as we had expected. We finally got to the downtown high-rise where the firm was located on an upper floor. The elevator whisked us up to the office, where we were ushered into a spacious inner sanctum. The carpet was an oriental rug, the furniture mahogany. On one side of the room a projector was all set up and a built-in screen was down from the ceiling. Joel plugged in his laptop, clicked the mouse a few times and was ready to go, not a second too soon. Just as he centered the first PowerPoint slide on the screen the door opened and three men in expensive suits walked in.

I had to hand it to Joel. He ran through the presentation as if he had done it a hundred times, cueing each new slide up at the proper time, never losing his place. About halfway through he turned to me and said, “And now, my associate Calvin Adams will explain the technical aspects in more detail.”

I had been dreading this moment, but Joel had set things up so well that it was like talking to a group of friends.

We finished and they asked us a few questions. A round of handshakes and pleasantries canlı bahis and it was over. I didn’t realize how tense I had been until we had packed up our stuff, said thank you to the receptionist and were on our way down in the elevator. All of a sudden my knees turned to rubber and my head started spinning. I leaned against the wall, shut my eyes and started taking deep breaths to try and calm myself.

“Cal, are you all right?”

I nodded, still feeling strange. “I’ll be fine.”

“Let’s sit down a moment after we get out.”

We found a bench in the lobby and sat down. After a few minutes I finally started to feel better.

“You okay?” Joel asked again. He was looking at me with genuine concern.

“Yeah, thanks. Guess getting up early and worrying just caught up with me.”

“After a good dinner and a night’s rest you’ll feel a lot better.” He smiled and offered his hand. “We did it, guy.”

I shook it. “You did it. It was all you.” I hated to admit it but it was true.

“Nah. You had the specs down cold–showed them how much money they could save. That’s what really impressed them. I think they’re sold, don’t you?”

“You never can tell until the contract’s signed, but yeah, they liked it.”

Joel clapped me on the shoulder. “I think this calls for a celebration. I know a really great place to eat right near the hotel we’re at.”

“Sounds good to me. I need to shower before dinner though. I must stink after all the sweating I did up there.”

We headed out of the building and caught a cab to the hotel. In the room I whipped off my shirt before I realized what I was doing. Well, what the heck? I wasn’t going to spend the weekend acting bashful just because a gay guy might catch a look at me.

All the same, I looked over at Joel to see if he had noticed. His back was turned and he was taking off his own shirt. Unlike me, he was wearing a t-shirt underneath. He unbuckled his belt, and my jaw dropped when his pale, bare butt appeared. Had he gone commando the whole time?

Joel turned partway toward me and I realized that he had been wearing something underneath his dress slacks after all. A pouch made of some stretchy material covered his privates, hanging from an elastic waistband. That was all. It was a strapless jock. I had never seen anything like it.


“Huh?” I looked up and saw that he had caught me red-handed, staring at him. I could feel a blush spreading across my face.

“I said, did you want the shower first?” If Joel had noticed me checking him out he was being too polite to say so. A funny little smile was on his face, though. I was sure he HAD noticed.

“Uh, sure. Thanks.”

I hurried past him into the bathroom, got the rest of my clothes off and jumped in the shower. The warm spray calmed me down a bit, but funny thing, I had the beginnings of an erection. I soaped my dick and gave it a few strokes. It felt good and I thought about keeping going, but it felt weird to be jacking off with Joel just beyond the bathroom door, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me.

When I came out, wearing my boxers, Joel was lying on one of the beds, his hands behind his back, naked except the funny jock. His body was all muscle and sinew, not an ounce of extra fat on it. Before I looked away I caught a glimpse of curly pubic hair peeking out from the pouch.

He took his dinner clothes into the bathroom with him. By the time he came out, I was dressed too.

The restaurant was as good as Joel said it would be. We ordered a bottle of wine on the company expense account. As we drank our second glasses I finally began to relax around him. He was asking me lots of questions about my new baby and how me and my wife were doing. It must have been the wine talking, but I found myself telling him some pretty personal stuff.

“I love her to death,” I said, “But these first months since the baby came have been hell. I’ve been climbing the walls.”

Joel looked sympathetic. “Your love life isn’t what it used to be?”

“What love life, man? She’s either taking care of the baby or asleep. I get so horny I can’t think straight. Even thought about other women, but I could never do that.” I fixed him with a slightly drunken stare. “It’s so easy for you gay guys. All you have to do is go out and pick up someone when you feel the urge.”

It was a pretty insulting thing to say, but Joel didn’t take offense. He smiled and shook his head. “Actually, Cal, I don’t do that sort of thing. I’m pretty selective.” He picked up the bottle. “More wine?”

By the time we got back to the room it was past nine. I took off my shoes and socks and flopped down in an armchair.

“Jesus, I’m tired. But it’s too early to turn in.”

I stretched and yawned, then winced as I felt a twinge from a tight muscle in my back. Joel noticed and came up to me. Before I could protest he was kneading my shoulders, his fingers surprising me with their strength.

“Hey, you don’t have to do that.”

“Shh, just relax,” Joel said. “You bahis siteleri look like you could use a backrub. I’ve had massage training. I’ll have you as good as new before you know it.”

His hands were doing wonderful things. I closed my eyes and sighed with relief.

“You know, I could do a better job if you took off your shirt and laid down on the bed.”

By now my resistance was gone. I did as Joel asked. He got a bottle of hand lotion and continued to rub until I was putty in his hands.

“All done,” Joel announced. I turned over and stretched again, putting my hands behind my head. This time there was no twinge, just a warm glow. I smiled up at him.

“Thanks a lot. That was great.”

“Don’t mention it.” Joel gazed at me, unsmiling, and put his hand on my bare stomach. Our eyes met and something unspoken passed between us.

“Nice abs.” His hand moved, stroking my flesh. I wanted to tell him to cut it out, but somehow the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. A familiar warmth rose in my lower body and I felt a pressure in the front of my pants.

“Is this all right, Cal?”

My mouth was dry. I nodded.

By now Joel’s hand was massaging the bulge in my pants. “Looks like you need me to take care of something else, guy. What do you think?”

I hesitated, then spoke in a hoarse whisper. “Go ahead.”

He smiled, unbuckled my belt and drew down my zipper. I stared into his blue eyes as he pulled at the waistband of my boxers. He dropped his gaze to my cut cock jutting up, the shaft thick and veined, clear fluid leaking from the darker tip.

“Oh Cal,” Joel said in a low voice as he bent toward it. “Somehow I knew you’d have a nice dick.” The next moment his mouth closed around it and I gasped. My wife gave me head once in a while, but she didn’t really like to do it. Joel, I could tell, was in heaven. He squeezed his lips together in a tight, hot seal, then proceeded to slurp and suck and slide up and down until I thought I would go crazy.

Soon I was writhing and gasping. “Oh Christ, I’m going to shoot.”

“Mm hmm,” Joel mumbled as he deep-throated me. He wanted me to cum in his mouth. For a second I wondered whether I ought to, but I was helpless to stop the sperm boiling up from my balls.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, arching my back as my entire body went into spasm, my hips lifting off the bed in a huge thrust as my cock shot blast after blast of hot cream into Joel’s eager mouth. I groaned and bucked as the biggest orgasm I’d had in ages ripped through my body.

Finally it was over and my body went limp. Joel continued to clean my cock of the last of my load until I sucked in my breath. He stopped and grinned at me, his eyes wet, his lips reddened with his exertions, a drop of my cum clinging to his cheek.

“Getting sensitive, eh?” He got up and went into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later with a moist washcloth. He sat on the bed and carefully cleaned my spent organ. When he was done he got rid of the washcloth, went over to the armchair and sat, looking across the room at me as I caught my breath. He still had all his clothes on.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Much, thanks.” I replied. Then I said, “Why are you sitting so far away?”

He shrugged, the same smile I had seen earlier that day on his face. “I’m just being careful.”


He shrugged again. “Straight men can get weird afterward.”

All of a sudden I remembered what I had said to my boss. I blushed and got a little huffy. “You can stop worrying. I’m not into gay-bashing.”

“Well, I’m glad, because I like you, Cal.” Joel kept talking, more to himself than to me. “I wasn’t sure whether to try anything. I figured I had a chance, though, when I saw you looking at me when we were changing for dinner.”

“Oh.” He had noticed, then. “Actually I was looking at that thing you were wearing. Trying to figure out how it stayed on.”

Joel raised his eyebrows at me, then smiled. “So you liked my Sock? That’s what it’s called, you know. The Sock.”

“It’s kind of cool.”

Joel got up and rummaged in his carry-on sitting on the floor. After a moment he held something out at me. “I have another one. Want to try it on?”

I took the flimsy thing, got up and slipped my pants off. I stood in my boxers in front of Joel, hesitating, before I decided that was silly. I dropped them to the floor and stepped into the jock. I got the waistband up to where it was supposed to be and stopped, confused.

“Now tuck it underneath your balls.”

I saw how the thing worked. The elastic around the pouch went behind my nuts and held my package in place, dick pointed down. It felt good. Joel nodded.

“It’s nice, isn’t it? Feels like you’re freeballing but you get some support too.”

I scratched my head and grinned. “I like it, but if I wore this to the gym I’d get some strange looks.”

Joel fixed me with that smile again. “You might get into some interesting conversations. Keep it.”

I was surprised. “Really?”

He bahis şirketleri walked over to me and cupped the full pouch with his hand. “Sure. You look great wearing it.” His fingers began to move, squeezing and caressing. Even though I had cum only a short while before I felt myself getting hard again. “Damn hot.”

“Oh shit,” I said as my dick sprang up to full erection, taking the pouch of the jock with it. Joel burst out laughing.

“That’s the one problem with this thing. Get too horny and you pop right out.” He stared into my eyes as he unbuckled his belt. “I popped out of mine a while back.”

When Joel was naked he peeled the jock off of me and backed me onto the bed. He produced a foil packet from somewhere, tore it open and unrolled the pre-lubed rubber over my aching rod. Then he mounted the bed and squatted over my body. I felt the head of my sheathed cock touch the soft spot between his cheeks. One hand stroked his own cock, not as big as mine but hard as steel. It was strange to see a pair of balls dangling from a body I was about to fuck, strange to see a hard flat stomach and muscled pecs instead of soft white breasts. Joel’s skillful seduction had led me to places I had never been. I couldn’t wait to find out where we’d go next.

He smiled, a bit nervous. “Golly, you’re big. I hope I can take you. Well, here goes.” I felt pressure on the head of my dick, increasing almost to the point of pain, then sudden squeezing warmth spreading down my cock as it slid inside.

“Jesus Christ,” Joel hissed, grimacing.

“Are you okay?”

He nodded. “Yeah, just give me a minute.” His breath came in short, pained gasps, then after a while, one long sigh as he sank down and took me all the way in, his butt cheeks pressing against my pubes. My eyes rolled back in their sockets and I just about passed out. No pussy had ever felt this tight, this hot or this good.

“Oh fuck that’s nice,” I whispered.

Joel smiled. “You’re telling me.” He moved upward and the pressure on my cock increased as he squeezed his ass muscles tight. At the top he held just the head inside him, moving up and down on it until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Then he sat back down, plunging my rod back into the heat of his hole.

After a few minutes of this I was half hysterical, tossing my head from side to side, begging him to stop, begging him not to stop. Through it all Joel kept working my cock, a smile playing on his lips. He began to ride it faster, jacking himself off in rhythm to his strokes. I sat up, leaning forward and flipping him onto his back.

Joel didn’t mind. “So that’s the way you want it? Then take it, fucker,” he said, looking up at me while he hooked his legs over my shoulders, his eyes steely with challenge. “Fuck my pussy, straight boy.”

I began to drill his hole as hard as I could, Joel keeping up a continual stream of taunts and obscenities, his hand stroking his own hardon without stopping. Abruptly he reached up and drew my face to his. Before I knew it our lips and tongues were tangling together and that sent me over the edge. With a muffled shout of “I’m cumming!” I rammed my cock one last time into his ass as it began to pump its gushing load into the rubber inside Joel’s body. Joel let me go and threw his head back. His breath hissed through clenched teeth as jets of cum squirted onto his heaving stomach.

We stayed locked together until the storm began to pass. Finally Joel smiled, untangled himself from my grasp and lifted himself off my cock, grimacing as it popped out of his hole. “Stay there,” he said, and went into the bathroom, emerging with another washcloth, peeling my rubber off and cleaning me for the second time that night.

When he was finished he dried me with a towel and lay down next to me. I put an arm around his shoulder and drew him close.

“That was great,” Joel said.

I didn’t reply right away. Now that I was coming back down to earth little devils were starting to torment my brain.

“What is it, Cal?”

I turned to look at him. “Am I gay, Joel?”

He considered this. “Well, are you going to divorce your wife now? Start picking up men in bars?”

“Course not.”

“So you’re still the same Cal. You just tried something new. You might or might not ever do it again. It’s up to you.”

He looked at the ceiling for a while, then said, “You’d be surprised if you knew who else does it.”


Joel smirked. “Well, I really shouldn’t tell you, but–who would you never pick in a million years? Ever?”

My eyebrows shot up and he nodded. I was flabbergasted.

“Bill Osborne? He’s always telling fag jokes. A real asshole.”

Joel nodded. “Trust me, it’s all an act.”

“So you and he…” I could see why Joel would go after Bill. Asshole or not he was a good-looking guy. Even I thought so.

“Yep, last year when we went to the Verizon show.” He frowned and put a finger to my lips. “Not a word to anyone,” he warned. “If he finds out I told anyone he’ll kill me. Then he’ll kill you,” he added, playfully tapping my nose.

“Mum’s the word.” By now my head was spinning from all that I had learned that evening. This was for sure the most interesting business trip I’d ever taken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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