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Demon Harem Ch. 01

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Mara was the only human I had ever known. She had raised me since I was an infant, only ten herself at the time I was created. Her mentor and father had been a scientist bent on saving the cherub species.

After God was killed, my kind died along with him. Along with feeling the deepest love, cherubs also felt unbearable sadness. When their father, God, died they couldn’t bear the pain. From what Mara has told me, each and every cherub sacrificed their soul trying to revive God, unable to imagine life without him. Thousands died that day. Their souls went to waste, God was not able to be revived like a mere mortal. He lived eternally and died eternally.

Using the stem cells of a dead cherub, my creator genetically engineered my zygote, which grew into an embryo then into me. All that was needed was a soul. He sacrificed his own to bring me into existence, so dedicated to his work it was more important than living.

As a child, I doted on Mara who couldn’t be more different from myself. While I was bubbly, caring, chubby, and short (barely 4 feet tall), Mara was curt, cold, muscular and tall (over 6 feet).

As I sat in our courtyard full of overgrown roses daydreaming about romance beyond our barrier Mara loomed over me. I jumped falling onto a thorny rose bush. Mara laughed deeply at my clumsy squeak and lifted me up off of the thorns into her burly arms.

“I swear you’re just a plushy little pin cushion.”

“Not the kind of pinning I want,” I said under my breath. Mara ignored me like she always did when showed my sexual self.

Her small breast rested under my chubby cheek. I felt her pectoral muscles tense from holding me in her arms. I blushed at our position and her teasing. I’d been yearning to be held. As a cherub all I wanted was to love and be loved. Our job when God was around was to make beings fall in love, and provide love for the mistreated abused and lonely. Apparently, Gods’ love filled us to the brim so that my kind could just give and give. Without God, I felt the constant want for more love and Mara was not the most tender.

I didn’t try and struggle out of her arms, despite being bashful. Instead I nuzzled in.

“Ok tiger let’s go clean you up.”

The back of my silk peach dress was covered in dead rose bush leaves. I had scratches that were already healing, the blood stayed on my half healed skin. Mara tried to set me down to walk, which I was perfectly capable of doing. I clung tighter to her neck stubbornly.

“No no no!” I exclaim wide eyed. “I’m barefoot! I’ll get dirty!”

I stick a leg up showing her my small dirty feet, the soles brown from walking outside all morning.

“HA” she replies.”if you’re trying to convince me that your feet will get dirtier by walking it’s not working.”

She gently lowered me, crouching so my feet could touch the floor. As we walked towards the small fortress, I reached for her hand. Although it was rare for Mara to initiate affection she has become accustomed to accepting mine. As she took my hand, she looked at me and saw I was pouting at being set down.

“Ok, fine dirty girl, I can’t have you ruining the floors with your disgusting feet.” Once again I get lifted higher than I can reach on my tiptoes. I’m carried through the huge doors of our small fortress to a bath she had the forethought london escorts to draw.

Expecting me to undress, she respectfully turned away and gracefully undid her tunic stepping out of the pile on the floor. My heart started beating fast and a knot tied in my throat. We hadn’t bathed together since I came of age at 25. Cherubs develop much slower than humans and I had only recently started thinking about Mara in a way other than my caretaker and friend.

I was frozen in space as I stared at her muscular, long back and broad shoulders. Her long black hair fell over her shoulders softly as she removed the pin holding her hair in a bun. I couldn’t tell if I was sweating with nervousness or if the hot steam from the large tiled tub was beading on my skin.

Mara’s legs had brown hair over them that looked soft and masculine. Her weight fell on one leg causing the muscles in her calf to be exaggerated. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander to her massive thick thighs and then to her small perfectly toned arse.

She turned to look at me, her hair falling onto her back, reaching beneath her beautiful behind. I was startled and my already weak knees give out causing me to plop my bottom onto the floor, my legs bent beside me in a dopey display. Mara raised her eyebrows and smirked mocking me for my fall.

“You haven’t gotten very far have you.” She pointed at my fully clothed body and walked towards me, swaying, her small breasts now facing me. My eyes lowered to her large dark nipples.

“U-um” I stutter, at a loss for words. “I suppose I h-haven’t.” My arm’s reach for the ribbon that needed to be untied behind my back but my short fingers barely graze it.

“Here,” Mara said while she put her hands (twice the size of mine) on my shoulders guiding my body to turn.

She undid the tie to my dress and it fell off my small waist onto my relatively large hips. My small round wings fluttered at her touch as she tucked her thumbs in-between the peach fabric and my porcelain skin to tug the silk over my arse leaving me just as nude as her. Her hands lingered on my hips but she soon turned away and submerged herself in the large tiled circular pool of heated water. She took a seat across from where I was standing and beaconed me in with a head nod. I could feel her eyes scanning my body and it made my hands and wings flutter with excitement. I wondered if she liked my pale chubby angelic body.

My peach blond hair fell in ringlets on my shoulders. My eyelashes were so long they caught dew drops on top of my large light green doe eyes. I had a tiny frame. My waist, 28 inches and my large breasts and thighs contrasted with the smallness of the rest of me. My cheeks and tummy were chunky. I was virtually hairless with a bit of peach fuzz here and there. My pussy followed suit.

I could feel myself moisten, thinking about Maras’ gaze on me. I sauntered to the water, swaying my hips seductively. I was so nervous but I craved her attention badly. I hoped she noticed the bounce of my large breasts with every step, the shine of steam on my soft skin highlighting my shapely body.

She bit her lip, awkwardly averting her gaze. I’d been raised by her. I was a decade younger, I thought, panicked as I lowered my body into the pool. I’d probably been making her attraction to me london escort up in my head. I’d just been feeling so love crazy and horny since coming of age and I suppose she was the only one around I could project that onto. These negative thoughts didn’t stop me from wanting her.

My chest heaved in a sigh rising and falling above the pool. Both from the relaxation of the water and my sexual frustration. Like she did when I was a child, Mara came over to me with a soapy washrag.

“You’re a spoiled little pin cushion today aren’t you.” She looked up at me through her jet black lashes.

My face was red. “Yes, t-thank you.” Though she had always served me like I was a princess, she embodied such power and did not let me emasculate her.

“Why are you shaking like a leaf?”

“I’m an adult n-now and we’re bathing together. You’re so beautiful.”

She was silent. Uncomfortable with what I had just said. “So are you…” She replied curtly. “I knew you when you were a baby you have always been God’s perfect image of beauty. You’re still so pure and innocent.” I got the feeling she was trying to change what I’d said into a platonic conversation. She brought the washrag to my skin.

“Yes I suppose Mara” I beamed at her with the love and joy that cherubs are made of.

She blushed and pinched my freckled cheek.

She moved the wash rag in little circles over my shoulders. when she finally got to my breasts my light pink nipples hardened at the anticipation of being brushed against. “The washcloth will be too rough for there” she points out, leaving it to float in the water. She took her soapy hands and rubbed them over my excited nipples. I bit my tongue so as not to moan but the moment was over as soon as it begun.

Her rough calloused hands continued to rub soap onto my upper body. Feeling her touch my skin was enough to make me quiver. When she stroked the duff of my wing my pussy clenched. This was so frustrating. I took her hand in my small delicate ones and submerged it in the water. I led it to my inner thigh. Though she was much stronger than me, she didn’t resist. “Wash here please” I looked up at her, wide-eyed and pleading.

Her lips parted slightly void of words for what felt like many moments. “What if you start needing more after this… I don’t know if I can give you enough.”

“I need this” I plead it’s not natural for cherubs to be celibate.”

“I want to Leaf, I do but-“

“Every day feels torturous, stuck here, I keep thinking about the good I could do in the world, serving emotionally… sexually…”

“If I touch you do you promise you’ll stay in these walls, where it’s safe? God isn’t out there to protect pure beings like you anymore, I want to be intimate with you but if this awakens your sexual hunger, promise me you won’t leave to seek more. You’re the last of your kind…”

Her fingers brushed against my outer lip as if bribing me to promise her. I’ve never felt like I had a choice but to stay.

I press into her gentle touch. “It’s already awakened. I promise, I promise.” She stared at my full rosey lips, upper teeth showing slightly between them.

She grasped my chin with one hand and tilted my head up so I looked in her eyes.

“One more time,” she commanded.

“I promise I will never leave.”

Her london escort agency face broke out in a rare smile. And her hand moved above my slit. She was so close to my clitoris, making my pussy feel a needy pleasure.

“And?” She said.

“Pleeeease.” I drawled, eyes filled with urgency and frustration.

“Hmmm good.”

Finally her finger started circling my wet pearl. The juices that flowed from my pussy were so prolific no amount of water could wash them away. I ground against her large hand. Feeling the pleasure wash over me in waves. No one had ever touched me there before. My attraction to Mara and the difference from masturbation was so vast I don’t know if I could ever live without it.

She positioned her body to stand over mine and I stood to greet her. Our bodies pressed against each other and she bent her knees to continue touching me. As she did her body slid against mine and I relished in the wonderful feeling of her slippery figure gliding against mine.

Her mouth met mine and as we both shared our first kiss her fingers traveled deeper into my folds and plunged into my soping entrance. Lips still meeting, I gasped. Pleasure and pain filled my body as my hymen broke against her long thick fingers. Blood rushed out of my pussy mixing with the pools water to create a beautiful pink heu.

I reached up to feel her pussy, it’s covered in soft brown fur. I stroked it, causing her to shiver. Then I pressed my palm against her, rocking it back and forth. Her body rocked on my hand. Her fingering adapted to match the rhythm I’ve started.

With our other arms, we pulled each other tight as if we couldn’t stand being separated. She released her grip on me, lifting me with both strong arms above the water to lay me down on the tile floor surrounding the tub. My pussy was at the edge of the tub and my calves dangled in the water. She greedily separated my knees, looking at the steady stream of clear goo dripping from my flower into the bath. Apparently cherubs produce juices superfluously during intercourse.

Her tongue dove into me, up between my inner labia and around my clit. My arousal reached a high as I pushed my clit into her mouth arching my back and shuddering against her. My muscles contracted as I came and she swallowed the fluid gushing from my pussy. I relaxed and she nuzzled her face into my soft bare vulva.

I was shocked and aroused when I received a stinging slap where her mouth just was.

“That was for cumming before me,” she said with raised eyebrows.

She lifted her athletic body out of the tub. The water running over her bulging muscles dripped onto me. Crouching on the ground she grabbed my hair and pulled so that I looked up at her.

“You’ll never leave, understand?” She rhetorically asked. “I’ll give you everything you need. We can stay safe here, pleasure each other until we die together.”

I couldn’t answer because my mouth was full with her tongue and she ground her hairy mound on my chubby tummy, the perfect humping pillow. Before I knew it her huge muscular thighs were suffocating me as she bounced up and down on my tongue.

I thought that getting pleasured was the most enjoyable thing I’d ever experienced but this topped the charts. Her smell, taste, the suffocation and her moans made me feel pure bliss. Before long Mara went weak with ecstasy on top of me. I was so happy I’d had my first time with my mentor and friend. As she slumped down to rest on top of my body, I wrapped my arms around her. I think I could be satisfied by this for eternity… I think.

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