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Hot for Teacher Ch. 01-03

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Aj Applegate

Chapter 1

Michelle glanced around the room trying desperately to gather her thoughts. She couldn’t remember going to bed and for a few seconds she had no idea where she was. Slowly it came back as she stared, somewhat disoriented across the hotel room. Michelle was attending a three day teacher’s conference and her head pounded as she pulled herself up, leaning against the headboard of her bed. Westin Hotels might think it a heavenly bed but Michelle’s whole body ached, particularly her head, which was throbbing.

She thought briefly about opening the curtain to let light into the room, but thought better of it with the dull throbbing behind her eyes. She wasn’t normally a drinker and really couldn’t remember much about the prior evening. After the banquet, she recalled going downstairs to the bar with some fellow teachers from back home. They had all had a few drinks and she remembered talking with some of the other women there but not much after that.

As she pulled herself out of bed, she saw that she was completely naked. But more startling to her was her pussy was shaved completely bare. While Michelle trimmed her bush, she didn’t shave it. She stared at her smooth pussy and tried to recall what she had done.

Michelle was of Spanish descent and had long dark brown hair and a dark bush to match. Her skin, a light mocha color, showed no signs of the pubes that once adorned the top of her vagina.

Her pussy seemed sore. A feeling she sometimes felt after a long bout of lovemaking with her boyfriend Kyle. She and Kyle had dated for nine years and had recently begun discussing marriage. Michelle was a sixth grade teacher and working with the kids often made her think of when she too might begin her family.

Michelle stopped to glance into the mirror, her long hair slightly disheveled, as it teased her face. Almost thirty now, she worked hard at the gym to keep her body in shape. At 5’11 she was a bit taller than most of her girlfriends, but her 36D breasts filled out her frame nicely. Kyle though liked her shapely ass most of all. He loved it when she ground it back into his hard cock when they would spoon or make love doggie style.

As she moved slowly into the bathroom she spied the glasses on the table by the window. Three glasses filled at a variety of levels with an empty bottle of Merlot on the floor. There were traces of lipstick on one of the glasses, which really made her think, as she wasn’t wearing any herself the previous evening.

She thought perhaps it might be her friend Denise. Denise, or “Neecey” as her friends often called her, had been with her the night before. But she couldn’t recall Neecey wearing lipstick either. Well, at any rate, Denise could certainly fill in the blanks.

The hot water felt great as it ran down Michelle’s curvaceous body. She held her head directly under the shower spout as it pulsated on the back of her neck and back. Her head felt better already as the water beat down, running down her lean young body. She took a handful of shampoo and rubbed it into her scalp. As her fingers traced her skin, rubbing the soap into her chest, under her arms, she ran her soft hands over her breasts. It was then she noticed the tenderness of her nipples.

She stopped again trying hard to recall what had happened the night before. Michelle was far from promiscuous. Kyle was only her third lover and she would never cheat on him. Yet, she knew that familiar feeling. The feeling she got after he sucked on her nipples for long periods of time.

She rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. She dressed and finished getting ready and then packed hurriedly to meet Denise in the lobby downstairs. That much she remembered. They had planned on meeting at eleven to drive back home. She picked up her clothing from the previous evening. Her heels in different locations around the room. Her dress in a pile by the table in the corner along with her bra. As she looked around, she didn’t see her panties.

She looked under the bed, perhaps she had kicked them under by accident. She went through the dresser drawers and looked behind furniture. Damn! That was a favorite pair but they were nowhere to be found. She put the last garments in her bag and took one inspection look around the room.

Denise was already downstairs settling her bill. The valet pulled their car around and it was back home for the two as they headed out of town.

“Neecey, what time did we turn in last night?” Michelle inquired hoping her friend could provide the missing pieces from the evening.

“I have no idea what time you got in. I left you at the bar. You were really having a large time,” she trailed off as she concentrated on the traffic which began merging into her lane.

“I must have. I don’t recall much,” Michelle sighed. “I don’t normally do that. I’m not sure what got into me,” she added.

“The tequila shooters…that’s what got into you,” Denise laughed.

“I don’t really remember that,” she shot back “You and I were bursa escort doing tequila shooters?” Michelle inquired.

“No, I don’t do tequila. That stuff rocks my world. I got sick on Jose’ in school and haven’t touched it since. You and Kim started that,” she responded.

Michelle thought back. She vaguely remembered meeting two women, one about her age, perhaps a few years older, and one in her mid to late thirties. She didn’t want to admit to Denise she couldn’t remember anything about the evening but it was so blurry.

“So what time did you leave us?” Michelle asked hoping she would fill in some more blanks.

“I left about 11:30 and you three were still going strong. When you started talking about going out, I knew I couldn’t hang,” Denise added.

Michelle wondered to herself. Did they go out? Did she take somebody back to her room? Surely not, but that would explain why she felt so sore today. The lipstick on the glass…it must have been Kim’s or the other woman’s. But who were they? Everything was too hazy.

Michelle decided to drop the subject and catch a nap. She was feeling a little better but she still had a nagging headache even after taking a couple of Advil. She knew she ought to stay awake and keep Denise company for the short ride home but felt the quick five or ten minute catnap might do her good.

Denise taught fourth grade, and like Michelle, was single. She was three years younger and extremely pretty. She was in her first year at the school and the two had become instant friends. Denise had light blonde hair, dark brown eyes and stood only five foot four without heels.

They were quite a contrast physically with Mel’s dark skin compared to Denise who was much lighter. While both were very take charge women in the classroom, they tended to be much more reserved around their peers.

Six weeks later, the memories of the conference had all but faded from Michelle’s thoughts. School was letting out for a week long break and it couldn’t come at a better time. She was exhausted and was just packing up the last of her papers. The kids were long gone from the class when her cell phone rang from a private number.

“Good afternoon sweets, how you doing?” asked the voice which seemed slightly familiar.

Sweets she thought to herself, who would call her that? Wrong number perhaps? “Fine, who is this?” Michelle responded trying to recognize the voice.

“Kim…. from Raleigh, remember? We met a few weeks ago at your conference,” the voice on the other end answered back.

Michelle was trying to recall Kim. The two women, one she thought was a brunette, the other closer to her age with short black hair. Both were very pretty but the memories were so blurred.

“Sure,” Michelle shot back hoping Kim would give her more clues.

“Lisa and I had a ball with you and hoped we could get together again, maybe tonight,” Kim informed her. “You had indicated a few weeks ago this might be the time for your break…right?”

Michelle was searching her brain, trying to piece that evening together. There was something about it though, something that set her guard off. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew she felt uncomfortable.

“Thanks, that would be fun, but I can’t tonight,” Michelle answered back.

“Are you sure we can’t change your mind. We would really love to see you,” Kim said back, a sense of urgency in her voice.

There was something about it. Something she couldn’t quite piece together. She remembered the three of them. They had gone up to her room, but she couldn’t remember. Everything was so hazy.

There was a pause on the other end of the phone, a slight uncomfortable tension before Kim’s voice broke the silence. “You’re in your classroom right?” Kim asked seemingly knowing the answer before she asked it.

“Yes,” Michelle responded. “Why?”

“Are you at your desk?” Kim asked.

Michelle was standing a few feet away staring at the solid oak desk. “Close enough, why? What’s this about?”

“In your top right hand drawer is a brown manila envelope. There’s a flash drive in it. Stick the drive in your computer and don’t worry. It’s not a virus or anything. Just something you should see.” Kim’s words sent a chill down her spine. What could it be?

Michelle pulled the drawer open and sure enough, there was a small clasp envelope lying on top of other items Michelle had placed there earlier in the morning. She opened up the envelope that was both sealed and clasped together finding a small black flash drive. She pushed it into the side portal of the laptop activating the drive.

“Do you have it?” Kim’s voice inquired from the other end of the phone. Michelle was startled at first, almost forgetting about the phone at her ear as the icon flashed on her desktop.

“Yes,” came Michelle’s almost inaudible response back.

“Open it. Open the drive,” Kim instructed.

Michelle did as she asked as pictures began to appear on the screen in little bursa escort bayan tiles. Just small enough not to show detail but enough she could make out the hotel room. Michelle clicked on the first one which opened up large on the screen. It was a picture of her and a brunette. They stood inches apart with the brunette, who appeared to be in her thirties, looking directly at her. The next showed them both kissing. She was kissing another woman!

Michelle couldn’t believe what she was looking at. She had never been with a woman before and she had never kissed a woman, or actually thought about it, but here was picture after picture with another woman and her in various states of undress until Michelle was standing naked in the brunette’s arms.

There was a picture of Michelle leaning down and sucking on the older woman’s breast. Another of her on her knees as she pulled down the woman’s panties. Michelle was transfixed. She couldn’t believe the photos. It couldn’t be her. Maybe it was photo shopped. There had to be an explanation – one that made sense of this!

But the more she looked, the more things seemed to come back to her. She remembered… a dense fog in her mind seemed to lift. It was almost like she was remembering a movie, a movie of someone else. But the more pictures she saw, the more she remembered.

There were photos of her with the brunette and then there was another woman – a much younger woman. It was Kim. She remembered her. The tattoo on Kim’s back, her pierced nipples with the little hoops that Michelle had pulled on with her tongue.

No, it couldn’t have been her. This was all a bad dream. But here were the pictures. The last photo showed the older woman fucking her with a strapon. Michelle’s hands were shaking as she stared at the last photo on her computer.

“Michelle? Are you there?” came Kim’s voice on the other end.

“What’s this about? I don’t understand. I don’t remember this!” Michelle blurted back in the cell phone trying her best to deny what she was looking at. “That’s not me. I wouldn’t do that,” tears polling in her eyes. She was scared, confused. There’s no way she would ever do what she was looking at. Yet, there was no denying the pictures. Worse, she started remembering it. But is seemed like a dream, a really bad dream.

“Meet me at the Dolce Vita Wine Bar on Davidson. You know where that is? Five o’clock, be there,” Kim’s voice directed.

“I don’t know where that is,” Michelle shot back.

“MapQuest it…just be there,” Kim snapped back.

“And if I don’t show? Is this blackmail? You trying to blackmail me or something? What if I go to the cops?” Michelle tried to reason.

“And tell them what? You fucked two lesbians and they sent you pictures? I don’t think so. I don’t think you’ll tell anybody. Nor do you want anyone to see what you’re looking at now. You be at Dolce Vita at five. If not, you can kiss that teaching job goodbye.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Michelle cut in screaming, almost hysterical, ranting about how she would say she was forced. It was all a lie when she looked at her phone to see that the call had ended.

She looked at the computer screen – the picture of her lying under the brunette’s frame. Her own bronzed legs wrapped tightly around the other woman’s, the strapon phallus visible as it disappeared between her thighs. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she pulled the flash drive from the computer.

“Hey, you want to go work out before you head home,” a voice interrupted. Denise had stuck her head into the classroom and saw her friend leaning over her desk, her face buried in her hands.

“You okay?” Denise inquired moving slowly into the room.

Michelle looked down at the computer making sure the photos had disappeared from the screen. “Yea, I’m fine. Just got some bad news…that’s all,” Michelle said back, trying to hide her face.

“Anything I can do?” her friend said back looking for words to console her.

“No, just something I have to take care of. It’ll be okay,” she said and then managed a half smile.

“Okay, but call me if you need someone to talk to,” Neecey said back as she made a slow retreat from the classroom leaving Michelle to ponder how this could have happened.

Michelle found the wine bar without much trouble and took a seat outside. There were a couple of instances when she thought about leaving and calling Kim’s bluff. But part of her wanted to know why? Why was this happening? How did it happen?

She recognized Kim the instant she walked up. She wanted to hate her for what she was doing. As much as she resented her, she took note of how pretty the girl was. Kim had short black hair and was much shorter than Michelle.

“Miss,” Kim said in a direction of a young girl clearing a table, “Can we get two glasses of Merlot?” The young waitress acknowledged her order and Kim sat down in the chair across from Michelle.

“So, I know, you have tons of questions, escort bursa perhaps the least of those is what’s this all about?” Kim said looking directly into Michelle’s angry eyes.

“That’s an understatement,” Michelle shot back angrily. “What did you two do, get me drunk or something? I mean, there’s no way I’d ever do that. I don’t even really remember it. And why? I’m no lesbian. I’m not interested in women or anything. What’s this all about?” Michelle questioned. She felt her lip quiver as she thought about what she was saying, both on the verge of tears but angry at the same time.

The waitress set two glasses on the table as Kim started to answer her. “Take a sip and calm yourself first. I’ll answer all your questions, right here, right now, but take a drink okay?” she said back, in a very soft, calm tone.

Michelle wanted to toss the glass in her face. She was so angry and her hatred was building at the thought of being taken advantage of. But she also wanted answers. Why had this happened? Why couldn’t she remember it?

Michelle took a sip of her wine, and then back to her lips for another long gulp. Her nerves were frayed and perhaps she did need to settle down just a bit.

“You okay now?” Kim asked, a smile on her face. Her look was so disarming but Michelle didn’t want to disarm. She wanted blood.

“Just get on with it. I gotta’ go,” Michelle shot back, again taking the Merlot to her lips taking a drink.

“Well, you might find this very interesting, being a teacher and all. Years ago, studying dementia patients they discovered a section of the brain that seemed to be the last quadrant to be affected by the disease. That section was the one where we store our inhibitions. Remember when you were a little girl and you learned that bad word in school and you came home to mom and you repeated it,” Kim explained.

Michelle looked on in wonder at what Kim was getting at. What did dementia patients have to do with what Kim and that other woman had done to her!

Kim continued, “Mom was none too happy and she said never use that word again. It’s a bad word. Well, you didn’t get rid of it. You just stored it in that side of the brain. You stored all your bad thoughts there in a section you were sure to keep guarded.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Michelle shot at her.

“Look, sit back, enjoy your wine and listen,” Kim responded. Michelle did as she was asked and the waitress seeing the nearly empty glasses brought another round and set them down.

“Anyway, it’s that section we store our information about what we shouldn’t do or say. When we grow up our parents tell us what we’re supposed to do, what we’re supposed to like. Girls like boys and boys like girls. That’s what’s stored in the other part of our brain,” Kim explained.

“This is bullshit. What’s this got to do with me?” Michelle fumed, finishing off the glass and setting it aside.

“Well, bottom line, there’s a drug, a narcotic, that taps into that section of the brain. That section which guards those inhibitions. Those things which lie dormant underneath. Things we might actually want to do if something didn’t stop us and tell us it was wrong,” she said.

Michelle’s mind was racing. “Are you saying I was drugged? You drugged me?”

Kim sat back in her chair. She studied Michelle’s face. “Yes sweets, we drugged you. Just like I did tonight,” Kim trailed off.

Michelle was trying to register what she just said…tonight? What did she mean by tonight. She had just sat down. She hadn’t done anything to her. But she did feel light headed. She had assumed it was the effects of her wine but now she wondered. She started to say something but her mouth didn’t seem to move properly. She just stared back at Kim.

“You see, even now you’re feeling it aren’t ya’ babe? I hated to do that again but I knew you weren’t going to behave. Even now your mind is slipping, feeling far away. Your body feels warm, so good, almost floating, light. It’s a wonderful feeling,” Kim said very softly as she stretched her hand out and rested it down on Michelle’s fingers. “Go ahead, give into it. Let it take you over. If feels so good, so very, very warm.”

“The drug is something a girlfriend provided me. She’s a therapist and uses it on her patients. It removes those inhibitions we discussed and leaves the patient open to suggestion. The only side effects are a slightly blurred recall of the events while under its affects,” Kim added.

Michelle heard Kim but felt far away almost like she were watching it happen rather than actually participating. “You see Angel, you’ve been selected, recruited perhaps is a better word. We’re going to help you realize your potential. What you were meant to be. What you really want to be if you didn’t have some inhibition holding you back,” Kim explained as she held Michelle’s warm hand in hers.

“You will spend the next week with us. You will be trained, schooled on how to be one of us, a lesbian. Only Lisa and I will be the teachers. And when you go home, you’ll understand and thank us. You’ll be so happy. You’ll see that all this was for your own good,” Kim smiled looking at Michelle who seemed to be fully under the narcotic’s spell now.

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