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Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 28

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Author’s Note: The stories about the sex party are in the spin-off “Ron” series, Chapters 1,2, and 3.



Earl Houck’s mind was swirling. At 62, almost 63, he’d never expected to have spent an evening fucking a group of twenty something young women. He stopped himself in mid thought. If what Jerry Malone had told him was correct, five of the eight were under twenty.

He and Jerry, along with their wives, were members of a swingers club. A months or so ago, Jerry had brought along his 18year old, voluptuous daughter, Sarah. Jerry claimed she had pleaded to be allowed to come and there was no doubt she was into the activity, and so was her friend, Sally, who had also come. The guys, most of whom were over 40 had lined up to slide their dicks into the young, shaved pussies.

The girls had brought along a guy in his twenties and and a good looking, big cocked guy in his early thirties. The women had lined up for those stiff poles as well. But a few of the women, Eric’s wife among them, complained that the guys were paying so much attention to the teens that the older women went home unsatisfied. Because of that they banned young guests who weren’t married.

Earl and Jerry and a couple of other of the guys had spent much of one of the meetings complaining among themselves about the policy. One of them had pointed out that the club was aging and needed new blood. With the way younger people were marrying later and shacking up or just fucking more casually, they weren’t going to get the needed new members. Earl knew that most of them, himself included, just wanted tight snatch to sink their cocks in.

A couple of days ago, Jerry had called to invite him to a sex party being thrown by his daughter and their friend Sally. He said he had persuaded them to allow him to invite a couple of friends. He said it wasn’t a swinger party so Earl’s wife wasn’t invited. Jerry’s daughter was inviting the women, including some of her young, former cheerleader, friends. Earl had jumped at the chance and told his wife he was going out with Jerry after work.

The party significantly exceeded his expectations. There were eight women (girls?) there and all were young and beyond beautiful. Well, young, except for Jerry’s wife Marlene who despite being almost 50 looked like she was in her late 20’s. And beautiful, except for Sarah’s friend, Sally who was 18 but had no figure and a plain face. But she was 18 and exuded sexuality. Every one of the woman were anxious to fuck and were enthusiastic partners. The party relied on a cellphone app to pair people up and once everyone was naked started assigning partners. Earl had had a chance with every woman. Most of the activity was on mattresses in the family room but there were also two bedrooms upstairs. He had spent five minutes with Jerry’s wife Marlene in one room, and then had ten minutes with Dahlia in the other. Dahlia was a fabulous, Hispanic looking Hooter’s girl with huge breasts and a lot of vaginal jewelry. She was a wildcat in the bed and was riding his cock as soon as they were in the bed. Then she rolled him on top and he pistoned away at her metallic rimmed receptacle while she writhed and moaned in apparent pleasure. Then she was on top again and then on bottom. That had been a great minutes but he’d have loved more. The activity got him so aroused that his balls couldn’t take it any more when he was doing the next woman doggy style and he erupted in a Viagra enhanced orgasm while she laughed in pleasure.

When he got downstairs he was beat and his pecker was an inch long soft lump of flesh. He passed out, in exhaustion, on one of the love seats. He was nudged awake to morning light and saw Sally sitting naked on the sofa next to him. “We’re gonna make breakfast in a bit, sleepy head. You wanna come sit in the hot tub with me?”

It sounded more than attractive and, despite being tired, he allowed the slim figure-less girl to lead him outside. There were two couples humping on the family room mattresses and Marlene sat with David in the hot tub. David was a skinny teen and the party was at his home while his parents were off on a cruise. Marlene was reassuring him that they would get everything straightened out and that his parents wouldn’t know about the party unless he decided to tell them, “We’ll have everything so neat that they won’t care.”

“Mind if we join you?” Sally asked.

“Hop in,” Marlene invited while David looked at them with concern. He was worried that the neighbors would look over the fence and see the naked people.

Sally knew his concern, “Hey, it’s okay David. seven foot fence.”

David’s eyes went to the second story windows.

“It’ll be okay, no one will complain.” Marlene stroked his hard cock. She smiled and kissed his lips. “Want me to sit on it so no one can see,” she laughed.

“I don’t think they can see through the bubbles,” David responded.

“I’m kidding with you, sweetie,” Marlene replied. “Except for the sit on it part. canlı bahis That’s what I want. Love to have it up my vaj’.”

Without waiting for his consent she pulled his hips away from the wall, presented her ass to him, grasped his cock and sat down, guiding him inside her. “Ahh, that’s the spot.” She took his hands and placed them over her ample breasts. Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride!” The water splashed vigorously as she rode him.

Meanwhile Sally and Earl sat opposite and watched the spectacle of Marlene’s large mammaries splashing in and out of the water as David tried to hold onto them. Sally began stroking Earl’s cock and massaging his balls. His cock enlarged slightly but remained pliable

“I’m going to need my pills if you want me hard,” he whispered to her.


“Viagra,” he admitted. “Only way I can get hard enough.”

“Oh?” Sally knew of the magic pills but her experience was almost entirely with young guys. In fact she had woken Earl because the thought of sex with a much older man enticed her. Last night she had only given him a blow job before he went on to another woman and then conked out. She made a quick decision, “Let’s just relax here. We’ll make a date for real sex later this week. You can take a couple of pills then. Get REAL hard!”

So, the date was made. Earl had considered and then asked Sally to bring along a young guy for his wife. It would be much better to have the activity above board and he was sure his swinger wife would love to have a young cock while he worked over a young pussy. And that way they could have the “date” at his home. He was looking forward to Wednesday night as Wayne, a swinger who had also been at the party, dropped him off at home.

Earl’s Home

Wednesday came. Sally brought Jason, who had been at the party. He was also the guy she invited to the swingers club. He was the only guy she was confident would show an older woman a good time. Most of the other guys she knew were just out of high school with limited sexual experience other than with her.

She and Earl had exchanged texts about details and decided not to have the dinner Earl’s wife, Francine, had offered. Instead they would have appetizers . Francie. as she liked to be called, had several sexually oriented games and she would pick one for a ice-breaker. Neither Earl nor Francine wanted a two on two. They had tried threesomes of both kinds but preferred one on one. Francine and Jason would use the king bed in the master bedroom Sally and Earl would be in the guest queen bed.

They would get naked in the bedrooms and, although she was attractive for a woman of almost 60, Francine was slightly self conscious about a young guy seeing her naked. Despite that, Earl convinced her to wear a silk bra and panties with her translucent nightgown. The bra held up her large, beginning to sag breast and the gown disguised her four child stretch marks. She had put on weight since her younger days, mostly in her hips and thighs. Her stomach was only sightly rounded and with a somewhat slender waist her larger hips just made her more feminine.

Francine had picked out a pair of white, tight filling, Lycra boxer briefs for Earl. They showed off his less than large privates to good advantage and pinkness showed through where the tip of his penis pushed against the fabric. Francine thought the effect was particularly striking when the cock strained to stiffen inside the constraining underwear. Earl was well built, though not bulked up and she had told him to wear a compression T that showed his well defined chest and abdomen.

When Sally and Jason arrived, Jason saw what the hosts were wearing and pulled off his shorts and polo shirt. Underneath he was wearing boxer briefs identical to Earl’s and they all had a laugh. He wore a tight fitting tank top that showed his chest and arms to advantage. Francine quietly admired the substantial package that pushed against the tight fabric. She became all the more anxious for the young cock to be buried in her moistening cunt. When she was young she sometimes leaked vaginal juices profusely when aroused and some of her teen-aged partners thought she was peeing on them. In high school she even carried an extra couple pair of dry panties. Getting older she was drying out but thinking of Jason fucking her was getting the juices flowing. She was pretty sure they wouldn’t need the lubricant she kept on the nightstand. She also decided she wanted to get him naked as soon as possible, “The hell with the bedroom darkness,” she thought. Realizing that his erection was in response to her state of undress, her reluctance about showing herself was overwhelmed by her desire.

Sally wore a ribbed tank that showed her small breast mounds to some advantage and her substantial nipples pressed against the fabric. The top was white and her dark aureoles showed through. She wore a very short skirt that wasn’t much more than an 18inch wide strip of fabric that wrapped around her waist. She unsnapped bahis siteleri the waist and laid it on the sofa arm. She wore lace panties underneath that showed the dark triangle she kept neatly shaved above her vulva. Her substantial clit hood was obvious and folds of her huge labial flaps showed through the crotch that went between her major labia. The outfit accomplished its objective of drawing attention away from her frizzy hair and plain face with its too large nose and mouth. Earl wasn’t sure he would have needed to take the Viagra as his cock tried to escape his briefs.

The brief introductions over, Francine leaped into the awkward silence with her card game. She explained that then decks she had were part of a board game set that allowed many different types of play. She shuffled the pink ad blue decks together saying that she had selected a variation that involved playing with the male and female decks combined. “Once we start playing suggest variations if you wish.”

She dealt 5 card hands. Each card had six questions ranging from innocent to very explicit. They started with five rounds of answering the innocent questions, then five of the the more intimate and working up to the explicit. In turn, the players would draw a card and then present a card from their hand to any other player who had to answer the question and discard the card. “If you have a card with an intimate question you really want someone to answer then hold onto it for a later round,” Francine had told them as the game began.

The game was an effective icebreaker. When it was over they knew that Earl was an accountant for an internet firm and had been a virgin until he was 23 because he was afraid girls would make fun of his small cock like the guys in the high school locker room had. Sally had told them about her early sexual experimentation with her next door neighbor and her “stable” of guys she used for sex. They knew Francie was a bit of a “slut” in high school and was sometimes called “No Pantsie Francie.” She had also been the one who had charmed the pants off Earl and was his first sexual experience. Jason was studying computer networking at a vocational school and had told them about his experiences delivering pizza.

Jason answered, “Natural,” to the final question, “do you prefer a natural unshaven pussy, a fully shaven one,or a trimmed one?” Francie smiled and pulled down her panties to reveal her full, hairy bush. She challenged him, I showed you mine. Show me yours.” Not waiting for him to take action she grabbed his briefs and pulled them down, exposing his hard, slim 7 inch long penis, hard and curving upward. He seemed to have no balls as they were completely sucked into their abdominal pocket. Francie took him by the hand and led him upstairs, leaving Earl and Sally to fend for themselves.


“You could have answered very small with large nipples instead of large to the question about breast size,” she chided him while pulling off her top and rolling her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. She pulled them over an inch out from her insubstantial breasts. They were hard as pencil erasers and almost a half inch long when she released them.

Earl massaged her chest over the hard nipples, “I think your answer of ‘large’ to penis size more than made up for that.”

Sally rubbed the restrained hardness in his briefs and then pulled them down. Earl’s four inch long, steel hard rod popped out. “This will do nicely,” Sally told him. “Looks like you took your pills.” she laughed and and sucked the entire organ into her mouth. A couple of seconds later, she jumped up, sat facing him on his lap, took his face in her hands and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. Her substantial labia surrounded his cock as she rubbed him with her damp vulva. He wrapped his arms around her slight frame and pulled her to him, her hard nipples pressed into his chest.

Now that they were here together. Earl wasn’t sure what to do. It wouldn’t take much to shift his hips slightly and have her impaled on his dick. But he knew he wanted to play around with her more and have her play with him. He had spent so much time at the swingers parties where it was mostly dive in and then quit to save himself from coming. The party had been much the same with only short fuck sessions with a woman he hadn’t even chosen, though they were, every one, desirable as hell. And then he had come too quickly and missed further chances with most of the women. It had been so fast he didn’t even remember which woman had gotten his load. Now that he had this young woman to himself he wanted to use the whole evening. He loved the sensation of being on the edge and holding back and he wanted to end a long session with a full and complete ejaculation into her tight pussy.

She sensed his hesitation and, being used to younger guys whose cocks she could bring back to life even after a couple of climaxes, she didn’t know why, like most guys with smaller cocks, he didn’t bahis şirketleri just pull back and enter her. She asked “you do want sex?”

“Of course.”

She shifted and lifted her body then reached between her legs to direct his penis into her vagina.

Previously confused, he understood what she was getting at,”not just yet.”


He caught her questioning tone. “Foreplay first.”

A bit of vaginal massage had often worked as foreplay for her younger guys. Again, the implied question, “Oh?”

He sensed her confusion. She completed inserting him inside and sat, engulfing him completely as he considered and he soon realized that having his cock inside WAS foreplay to her. It was a particularly pleasant foreplay to him but he was concerned about a premature reaction which would end what he wanted to be a prolonged session. “Not like this.”


He began to grasp her difficulty. “This is too exciting. If I cum that will be it for me.”

She understood and reluctantly pulled herself off the small cock. She liked the small ones because they had what she liked to think of a wriggle room. Long ones were nice because they stretched her out and wide ones filled her up but only the smaller ones could move around inside, stimulating her G-spot and putting pressure at different points. It would have to be a really small one that didn’t touch and tickle her cervix. She’d never had one that small. She knew that there would be more chance to feel Earl inside and hoped he’d be good at manipulating the wriggly thing. “Let’s go upstairs,” she suggested.

As Earl led her into the guest bedroom they could hear the moans and squeals of activity from the master bedroom. Far from being jealous, Earl’s cock stiffened. He hoped that Fancie was having as great a time as it sounded. If so, she’d consent to having another young girl and young guy over. Earl felt reasonably confident that he could convince one of the other women from the sex party to come. And maybe they would know others. He was sure Sally could get other young guys for Francie.

Francie does Jason

When Francine and Jason got to the master bedroom Jason immediately untied the front of her nightgown and she let it fall to the floor as he kissed her large, soft breasts, and their hardened nipples. She tugged on his undershirt and he let her pull it off. She stroked and rubbed his chest. It had been a while since she had been able to feel such a hard, muscular, masculine torso.

Jason was used to more mature females, though usually not quite this mature. After surfing, he loved strolling on the beach and trying to pick up sexual partners. Much as he loved the young hard bodies, he found the older women were more prone to flattery and easier marks. There had also been a couple of times when he made a move on a young woman only to end up with her mother. He remembered one brunette with large breasts, a hard body and a small waist wearing a tiny thong bikini. He had approached her and, shortly after, a matronly older woman informed him that her daughter was only 16. He backed off but the mother continued to pursue him down the beach. He was considering running to escape only to discover that, once they were well out of the daughter’s eyesight, she propositioned him. He had had a few really nice sessions with her. “Come to think of it, that was a couple of years ago. Her daughter’s over 18 now. I wonder …”

Sometimes when he was fucking a less attractive woman he would fantasize about another more attractive woman. Francine didn’t require that but now he couldn’t get that daughter out of his mind. Francine’s amble breasts were her ample breasts. Francine’s soft and pliable pussy was her soft and pliable pussy. Francine didn’t have the slender body and tiny waist but that was easily overlooked. He pushed his fingers into Francie’s wet cavity. He could easily imagine Francine’s tightness to be that of the younger woman he had never experienced.

Francine was proud of her tightness, She regularly did Kegel to keep herself tight and fit. Her tightness was perhaps the main reason she was one of the more popular women at the swinger’s parties. Of course, the fact that she could do a good job of massaging an inserted penis with those muscles may have been more important. She felt his finger penetrate her and gave him a preview.

Jason was surprised by her vagina massaging his finger. He’s never had a woman do that before and he imagined the young girl he was picturing in his mind having this amazing “super power”. There was no way he was going to delay feeling that on his cock. He rose and quickly pushed his penis into her.

She felt the hard, curved instrument go inside. slightly distorting her vagina with its shape and pushing harder against the front. She moaned in pleasure. Almost by instinct she massaged it with her vaginal muscles. Jason groaned as he felt her grasping his cock and began thrusting in and out. She responded by thrusting her hips up at him and varying her own contractions. The action brought Jason off much earlier than usual and she continued her muscle tightening exercises as his semen flooded inside her and leaked out over his balls and her butt.

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